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Creative Development Programs & Consultancy

From Universities & Colleges with Fine Art programs to Film, Animation & Game Studios we present Workshops and Masterclasses that can be tailored to your facilities particular requirements. We work to bring an engaging and rich experience to the participants in groups both large and small.  

We can provide everything you need for;

 Richard working with CG Artists at The Art Institute of California, North Hollywood. 2013

Richard working with CG Artists at The Art Institute of California, North Hollywood. 2013

  • One & Two day Workshops/Masterclasses
  • 2/3 Hour classes (one off, or on a continuing basis)
  • Lecture/Demos
  • Consultancy for Feature and Game development

Universities & Colleges 

Whether a one off workshop or an ongoing engagement we offer excellent tuition for Fine Art programs that want to take their drawing skills to the next level and understand the process of the great masters of the renaissance tradition. 

Film, Animation & Game Studios

We have a practical program to work in conjunction with existing creative development programs or can help create a syllabus to bring production artists the additional skills they need to be working at the very highest levels required for the fast pace of production. For CG Artists from designers to modellers & riggers we learn how understanding each others roles and requirements to make the process more seamless and productive.

A typical structure for a one day event could be,

  • Gesture: The importance of, and different types of gesture, how to tell a story with our drawings and how aspects like body language and composition play a part in the story telling process.
  • Developing a solid drawing process: From a gesture through to the final drawing we’ll discuss a process to get consistent results when drawing from imagination or from life for Character Design and Animation. This will include looking at design language, transitional forms and foreshortening.
  • Articulation and Anatomy in Design: Understanding these concepts will help greatly at the Character design stage as we consider the entire process and how our decisions at this stage will effect modelling, rigging and animation.
  • Drawing from our imagination; Bringing it all together, we’ll look at how the principles we’ve explored can be applied in a practical and systematic way. This will include drawing time with the model as we explore these ideas. 

With the weekly classes we typically have two lectures during the course of each class. One specific to Anatomy, the second discussing a specific topic for the drawing development process. 

A typical structure for the 8 week syllabus is,

Week 1- Fundamentals, Gesture and creating a solid drawing process. The relationship between the upper and lower torso.

Week 2- Design Language, Upper torso anatomy (front)

Week 3- Transitional Forms, Upper torso anatomy (back)

Week 4- Foreshortening, Legs anatomy (front)

Week 5- Light & Tone, Legs anatomy (back)

Week 6- Drapery, Arm anatomy

Week 7- Composition, Hand anatomy

Week 8- Review and moving forward, Head anatomy

Both the one off masterclasses and the ongoing structured syllabus can both be modified to meet the specific requirements of your institution.

Corporate Events

If you want to bring something truly unique to your next company event we offer two & three hours instructed Life Drawing workshops. From casual beginners to experienced artists, everyone will learn something at these fascinating events. 

 Speaking at The Animation Symposium in Dublin, Ireland 2017

Speaking at The Animation Symposium in Dublin, Ireland 2017


Working with your existing design team we offer consultancy for Feature, Animation and Game production in Human, Animal & Creature Design that can help bring authenticity to the anatomy and articulation of your characters & creatures and help bring them life. 

For more information about any of the above or to get a quote please contact us,