Student Testimonials

“Rarely has my progress in figure drawing been so rapid.  Richard Smitheman is a master of anatomy and I consider myself very lucky to have found his course.  He's taught me more in five sessions than I've learnt on my own in the last five years.  The method he uses is sound and enables the artist to bring the figure to life.  His advice is constructive, his demonstrations clear and his encouragement is genuine.  I would recommend his teaching to anyone with a serious interest in pushing their skills further.”

Andrew S

"I have been life drawing regularly for over 20 years and in that time only had one brief period of instruction when I took evening classes at a local art school. Richard's teaching and the system of drawing he practices has been a revelation me. In the space of just two months my drawing has become more assured and more interesting to look at. I am now beginning to draw the figure based not just on what I see in front of me, but on what I know to be there inside the body and what will be pleasing to the viewer. I am also learning to use initial "gestures" to get my drawings to tell a "story" - two concepts that were completely new to me, but which have improved my output hugely.

As well as being a practitioner of the highest order, Richard is also a true evangelist for his system of drawing. His enthusiasm is apparent at every interaction; he really wants your drawings to be as good as you want them to be - if not better - and knows exactly how to tease the necessary improvement out of you. No matter what level you are currently drawing at you cannot fail to improve under Richard's tutelage.

I have really loved the course and will be signing up to future courses.”

Nick C

“I am enjoying the classes immensely. The quality of models has been very high. The system you have taught has simplified the complex matter of figure drawing greatly, enabling me to see the wood from the trees! That's not to say that the course isn't challenging; concentration level is at 100% for the full three hours (time which passes far too quickly!). As a welcome bonus, your method has made me loosen my style which is something I hope to carry into other art projects. Thanks for sharing your skills Richard.”

Jess P